Hello and welcome to my website!! My aim through the pages of this website will be to provide you with information about myself, the nature of psychological issues that I am interested and competent in working with, the psychotherapeutic approaches I use in my work and some of the broad objectives that I keep in mind when I work with clients.

I have been practising as a psychologist for over 15 years and I feel very enthusiastic about my work as it has given me the opportunity to connect and work with people from different cultures, backgrounds and age groups. I strive to assist individuals and families to overcome challenges in life and maximise their growth in different areas such as work and relationships. It gives me immense pleasure to see my clients making progress in the areas of their life in which they are struggling. As a psychologist I like to work collaboratively to assist clients in gaining more control, enhancing their well-being and leading more satisfied lives.

I work across different age groups-children, teenagers and adults. I enjoy working with children and young people as they are creative, imaginative and engage with the therapist to find solutions to their problems. Adults come to therapy when they are struggling to cope with challenging circumstances in their life and it is a privilege for me to support them through that difficult time. I also like to work with older adults as they bring history and a wealth of experience and are at the same time receptive to new ideas and learnings.

The following words from M. Scott. Peck’s book, “The Road Less Travelled” echo some of my beliefs related to the psychotherapeutic endeavor-

 “….the essential ingredient that makes psychotherapy effective and successful. It is not ‘unconditional positive regard’ nor is it magical words, techniques or postures; it is human involvement and struggle. It is the willingness of the therapist to extend himself or herself for the purpose of nurturing the patient’s growth-willingness to go out on a limb, to truly involve oneself at an emotional level in the relationship, to actually struggle with the patient and oneself.”

If after going through my website you still have concerns or questions which have not been addressed please do not hesitate to contact me via email or ring me.

Surpreet Cheema

Principal Psychologist

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